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  1. Lou Bernadette Alejo // November 13, 2017 at 8:43 pm // Reply

    When will be the next panel interview? How can I apply?

  2. Hi,

    Good day.

    Could you please let us know when would be the next interview schedule? I do appreciate all of your efforts to screen out meticulously all the applicants for the positions, however, the recruitment process seems taking so long. I am speaking in behalf of all the selected applicants for the interview.

    I look forward for your kind consideration.

    Thank you and God bless.

    • Hi Ken!

      We do value the time that you invested in your application. If you are selected for an interview, our Human Resources staff will notify you through a phone call, text message or email.

      Again, thank you for applying. We wish you every personal and professional success.

  3. Good day!

    Would to ask for an update of who qualified for the Industrial Relations Development Officer B Final Interview?

    Thank you and God bless.

    • Good day Jude!

      The deliberation for all vacant positions is still on-going. The result of HRMPSB will be posted on the website.

      Thank you!

  4. Good day!

    Is there any update on the qualified candidates for the Industrial Relations Development Officer B Final Interview?

    I appreciate your prompt response. Thanks.

  5. Good day.

    With my deepest interest for the position I am applying for Industrial Relations Officer B, this has been the longest deliberation I have ever had. I really respect your time and effort, however, kindly as well consider our effort of patiently waiting for your update. The vacancies was posted August 2017 and now is already January of 2018 and the position is only good for 1 vacancy. Kindly explain what is holding the process for this specific position and I/we would really appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    • Good Day!

      Kindly state your complete name because your email add and “Janello Blasco” is not among the applicants for the position of Industrial Relations Development Officer B.

      Thank you.

      • I am disclosing my name as Eric Baduria. You may reach me out with my personal email address. Thank you for your prompt response and hopefully please shed some light on this matter.

        Thank you very much.

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