Pedal power, 3rd Naga City Bike Festival


Cycling is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation since cycling does not contribute to pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases. Thus, cycling not only boost your overall wellness, it also is an environmental choice.

In order to raise awareness, as well as promoting various activities in line with the observance of National Clean Air Month, the City Government of Naga thru Socio-Cultural Division of City ENRO sponsored several activities highlighting the importance and benefits of promoting the use of bicycles in the City of Naga.

In its 3rd year celebration, the Naga City Bike Festival dubbed as “Tukad pedal hanggang sa gate kan pa Isarog” commenced at 6:00 in the morning at the Naga City Hall grounds going to the Mount Isarog Gate located at barangay Panicuason last November 18. This cycling event was supported by City Ordinance No. 2017-030 or known as the “Naga Bicycle Ordinance” declaring November as Bicycle Month wherein promotion and use of bicycle shall be highlighted.

In support of this beneficial event, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) put up hydration stations on various stop overs, Carolina Pumping Station I, Panicuason Pumping Station, and at Girl Scouts of the Philippines Camp Maria Aurora also in Panicuason. The hydration stations served hundreds of thirsty cyclists from all over the city.

At the end zone of the cycling event, Mr. CJ Zantua, OIC-Socio Cultural Division –City Environment and Natural Resources Office acknowledged all the cycling enthusiasts for their participation in the 3rd Naga City Bike Festival and invited them to next year’s event for a more exciting and adventure-filled cycling experience. This was followed by the awarding of certificates and the distribution of stickers and breakfast for all the participants.




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