Rain Check! – How Does the Rainy Season Affect our Water Supply?

Summer has quickly come and gone, which means that the rainy season is once again upon us. But for us Filipinos, rainy days are nothing but ordinary as it happens almost every month. Of the countries located near the equator, the Philippines is one of the few nations experiencing the tropical rainy season all year round. However, the abundance of precipitation doesn’t always mean more water for consumption. The wet season may also have some adverse effects on the quality of drinking water.

During rainy seasons, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) expects a heavy amount of water to precipitate within its service coverage area which would accumulate in the District’s spring and groundwater sources. Although, too much rain and pressure may cause damage to water pipelines affecting its distribution and eventually, the quality of drinking water. Soil corrosion from surface runoffs and the instantaneous increase of pressure might lead to water discoloration which is unsafe for consumption. Further, rainy days also bring with it the risk of mosquito-transmitted diseases such as dengue and malaria, as stagnant waters serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This usually happens when we try to store water for too long.

Despite the aforementioned possible effects of heavy rains, MNWD always makes sure that the supplied drinking water is safe, clean, and passes the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW). Water treatment is regularly implemented in each of the MNWD’s pumping stations including Chlorine Residual Testing of water sources in all areas. Consumers, however, are still encouraged to check their water pipelines for any leaks, make necessary repairs, store water (but not for too long), and to conduct in-house flushing whenever water discoloration occurs.

Health and sanitation have always been part of every person’s top priorities, and water plays a major role in it. It is therefore our collective responsibility to make sure that the water we use and intake is free from dirt and pollutants, especially during rainy days. For water-related concerns, such as water discoloration or leakage located after the meter, you may contact MNWD’s hotline numbers: 0919-648-6365 (Smart) / 0927-463-1859 (Globe). (YMMSavilla)


During rainy seasons, MNWD expects a heavy amount of water to precipitate within its service coverage area, which may cause damage to pipelines affecting water distribution and quality.