“Together, we can make a difference”

MNWD personnel gathered together as one big family during the General Assembly held last July 13, 2017 at the MNWD Multi-Purpose Hall.

In the morning session, Acting General Manager Virginia I. Nero, commenced the program with an overview of the said activity. She added that all the accomplishments for the first semester were all because of the combined efforts of each personnel of MNWD. She also acknowledged the unconditional support and encouragement of the present Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board Jorge T. Palma, Members Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan, Mrs. Monina Lily A. Claveria, Engr. Aquiles D. Lo, and Mr. Adolfo L. Olivan.


Right after, Chairman Jorge T. Palma delivered his heartfelt message which was focused on the most important resource to MNWD next to water – the Human Resource. He emphasized on the importance of each individual to the realization of the Vision and Mission of MNWD. “Without you, we can’t deliver a proper service to our consumers, stay strong as one big family MNWD,” he said.

Chairman Palma challenged each employee to be an active advocate of the MNWD programs. He urged each and every one to live it on a daily basis, to walk the extra mile for service to the public, to create a sustainable quality service not just for today but for the future generations. He also stressed that it is not only the MNWD personnel’s task to protect our resources but it is every individual’s duty to contribute for the betterment of all.


One of the Directors, Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan acknowledged the good leadership of the present management headed by the Acting General Manager Virginia I. Nero and the support and cooperation of all employees leading to the realization of the goals of MNWD. She also added that a harmonious relationship plays a vital role to achieve higher levels of productivity for the organization. She ended her message by challenging each individual to continue to work together for the common good.


Afterwards, the Division Managers and OICs of the respective divisions of MNWD reported their accomplishments for the past months of January to June of the present year. Each division highlighted their individual contributions for the delivery of quality service to the consumers.


“I like people who accept challenges and do something about it,” said Mrs. Monina Lily A. Claveria, Member of the Board of Directors, commending one of the presenters’ accomplishment report on the assembly upon sharing their higher performance rate compared to the previous months.

The afternoon session was filled with acknowledgements from the AGM, Division Heads and OICs down to their subordinates for being part of the MNWD’s success. The continuous efforts of each MNWD employee results in quality service to consumers. And the challenge for each individual continues.

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie J.T. Stepanek