Towards Gender Equality and Equity

To make governance more gender-responsive, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) strengthens its efforts in promoting Gender and Development (GAD) within the organization.

In line with this, the MNWD Gender Focal Point System (GFPS) Technical Working Group headed by Cherry Grace R. Regmalos together with other team members attended the Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting Seminar held at Home Crest Hotel Davao City last June 19 to 21, 2018.

Hosted by the Davao City Water District, the 3-day seminar equipped the participants with the substantial knowledge and expertise for the mainstreaming of GAD in the water sector.

Meanwhile, the GFPS echoed the said seminar to the MNWD employees last June 26, 2018 at the Multipurpose Hall.

The program is definitely a manifestation of the District’s commitment to integrate GAD in its operation. This is a significant progress in the MNWD as it gears towards the institutionalization of gender equality and equity pursuant to the Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development 1995-2025. (Auria S. Gonzales)



PLANNING AND BUDGETING. The Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting hosted by the Davao City Water District participated in by MNWD GFPS TWG: Cherry Grace R. Regmalos (Chairperson), Ariel S. Esteban, Stephen P. Nieves Jr., Claudette M. Salvino, and Sharmaine E. Bracia.



ECHO SEMINAR. The Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting Echo Seminar conducted at the MNWD Multipurpose Hall last June 27, 2018.