CCYE and Bicol Alpha Eagles Club Partner with MNWD for Tree Planting Activity

Different local groups and organizations have varying advocacies. Yet, most of them share the same goals and interests when it comes to the environment. Over the weekend, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD), witnessed such environmental zeal from two organizations, namely, Christo – Centric Young Enthusiasts (CCYE) and Bicol Alpha Eagles Club. Both groups partnered with MNWD for the implementation of their respective tree planting activities.

As part of their 15th anniversary celebration, CCYE – a religious youth group from Barangay Sabang, kickstarted a month-long community service program. Part of this program is the tree planting activity which was conducted on June 18, 2022, wherein 21 youth participants planted 42 seedlings of mixed native trees at the Kalinisan – Nabuntulan watershed area in Yabu, Panicuason.

On the following day, the Bicol Alpha Eagles Club held their tree planting / community service activity near the Anayan Spring. Prior to the planting of trees, a short program was conducted joined by MNWD Board and Eagles Club Member, Agileo Michael R Pauig. Club President, Abelardo M. Paglinawan, Jr., welcomed all the members who came to participate in their community service activity of the year. To further educate the club of the District’s environmental efforts, Engr. Edgar B. Caballero, Division Manager of Environment and Water Resources Division, provided a project overview of the Watershed Development Program for the 217 hectares Anayan – Rumangrap watershed. Afterwards, Forestry Assistant B – Pedro Prima, Jr. carried out the orientation on the proper way of tree planting. 100 Pili tree seedlings were planted by the Eagles club members, a great addition to the watershed vegetation

Of the several ways to preserve and nurture nature, planting a tree is one that has a lasting effect. Trees add life to our ecosystem and help in mitigating the effects of global warming. If more people will actively participate in programs that promote environmental protection, then we have a chance in securing a healthier Earth for the future generations. (YMMSavilla)


An Eagles club member planting a Pili Tree seedling near the Anayan Spring


The Bicol Alpha Eagles Club tree planting activity, was entitled “Plant a Tree, Plant a Life”, and was held at Curry Pili, Camarines Sur on June 19, 2022.


CCYE celebrated their 15th year anniversary through community service, such as tree planting.


The group planted a total of 42 seedlings, and considers the activity as a fresh experience after all of the pandemic anxieties.