Giving the clients immediate answers to their inquiries is a good sign of excellent customer service. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section is a great way to respond to our customers most common concerns.

These are Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns regarding water service connections, billings, metering and payment.

Water Service Connection Related Concerns

  1. Who can apply for a new water service connection?
  2. The owner of the property where the service connection will be installed, or his/her authorized representative may file the application at the MNWD business office, 40 J. Miranda Avenue, Naga City, approximately 160 meters away from Naga City Hall.

  3. What are the requirements for the application of a new water service connection?
    • Filled-out Water Service Application and Installation Order (WSAIO)
    • Proof of property ownership, photocopy of any of the following:
      • Original Certificate of Title (OCT)
      • Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)
      • Tax Declaration (TD), latest or current year
      • Deed of Sale w/ OCT, TCT, or TD in the name of the previous owner
      • Contract to sell (for Subdivisions only)
      • Deed of Donation w/ OCT, TCT, or TD in the name of the Donor
      • Original Certificate of Award for “Urban Poor” Project Sites
      • Other appropriate documents
    • Photocopy only: Any Valid ID with picture of the Applicant and/or his/her authorized representative with three specimen signatures
  4. What are the requirements for the installation of the water service connection?
    1. Signed and approved Service Connection Application Contract
    2. Payment of New Connection Fee

  5. Why will MNWD disconnect my service connection?
  6. The MNWD will disconnect water service connection for the following reasons:

    1. Overdue water bills
    2. Presence of illegal Connection

  7. Can I request MNWD to temporarily disconnect my water service connection?
  8. Yes. You may request to temporarily disconnect your water service connection, through letter-request or filled-out Disconnection Form and after full payment of any outstanding accounts.

  9. What are the requirements for change of registration?
  10. Please submit the following required documents:

    1. Letter Request addressed to the General Manager
    2. Special Power of Attorney, in case of absence of the principal
    3. Photocopy of any of the following Proof of Ownership of the party requesting:
      • a) Original Certificate of Title (OCT)/Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)
      • b) Tax Declaration (TD)
      • c) Deed of Sale
      • d) Death Certificate
      • e) Waiver
      • f) Other Appropriate Documents
  11. What should I do if I want to reopen or reconnect my disconnected service connection?
    • a) Filled Out Application for Reconnection
    • b) Payment of Reconnection Fee amounting to Php 500.00
    • c) Full Payment/ settlement of accounts

  12. How much is the reconnection fee?
    • Settled/paid account within the grace period of 48 hours from disconnection date – No Reconnection Fee
    • Not settled/paid account within the grace period of 48 hours from disconnection date
      • a) Application for Reconnection
      • b) Reconnection Fee amounting to Php 500.00
      • c) Full payment/settlement of accounts
  13. What will I do if I see leaks in my water meter or before my water meter?
  14. To report leaks, please call or text 24/7 hotline numbers:
    Trunk line: 473-7813/472-1685; Direct line: 473-2040, 473-7813
    Cell phone numbers: 0919-6486365/ 0927-4631859

    Our customer service representatives will be glad to be of service to you.

  15. What should I do if my water meter was stolen?
  16. If you suspected that your water meter was stolen, please report to MNWD for verification.

    The replacement of the stolen meter shall be charged to the account of the registered customer depending on the acquisition cost of the water meter.

  17. How do I avail of a Senior Citizen discount?
  18. Pursuant to the Expanded Senior Citizens’ Act of 2010, Senior Citizen customers consuming 30 cubic meters or less are entitled to a 5% discount in the basic charge. Please visit the MNWD office with the following requirements:

    • Duly accomplished application form
    • Photocopy of Senior Citizen Identification Card

    Note: Senior Citizen discount can only be availed of if payment is made on or before the billing due date.

Water Bill Payments

  1. Can I pay my water bill even if I do not have the Notice of Billing?
  2. Yes. Provided you give the correct Customer Account Number or the Registered Customer’s Name to our customer service representative before presenting to the MNWD office cashier.

    Yes. Provided you give the correct Customer Account Number or the Registered Customer’s Name to the Payment Collection Representative during our scheduled mobile collection.

    Otherwise, an erroneous information will result in a misposting of your payment

    No, if you pay in our collecting banks and SM payment center.

  3. Can I pay my water bill even after my due date?
  4. Yes. MNWD Office collection will accept your payment even after due dates, provided that the water service has not been disconnected.

    Yes. Our authorized collecting banks and SM Naga City payment centers will accept your payment 2 days after the stated due dates in the Billing Notice, provided that the water service has not been disconnected.

  5. Do MNWD, collecting banks, payment centers accepts check payments?
  6. *YES. MNWD accepts payment through checks.

    *No. Collecting banks and payment centers do not accept check payment.

  7. What if I overpay my bill?
  8. Overpaid amount shall be credited to your succeeding month’s bill.

Meter-Related Concerns

  1. Why does the tiny wheel in my water meter continue spinning even though we are not using any water?
  2. There may be a leak in your in-house plumbing installation.

    To check for leaks, turn-off all the faucets or water outlets and if the tiny wheel still keeps on spinning there may be underground leaks within your plumbing system. Contact professional plumber to check/investigate your in-house connection-for possible repair.

  3. Can I request for a new water meter?
  4. No. However, if after calibration the water meter is found defective the office will immediately replace it.

  5. What will I do if the tiny pin in my water meter do not spin even if we are using water?
  6. Your water meter may be defective. Please report immediately to MNWD 24/7 hotline numbers- 473-2040, 473-7813/472-1685, 0919-6486365/0927-4631859.

Billing Related-Concerns

  1. Why does my water bill increase abruptly?
  2. Among the reasons for abrupt increases in water billings are:

    • Increase in the number of household users
    • In-house plumbing leakage
  3. Why is my water bill computed based on average?
    • Stuck-up water meter/defective and/or newly changed meter
    • Covered/blurred water meter
    • Water meter is located inside the gates or perimeter fence
  4. What is the minimum amount that MNWD bills its customers?
  5. Assuming that monthly water consumption is zero, the minimum (0-10 cu.m.), billed amount for the different customer classifications are as follows:

    For complete listing please visit www.mnwd.gov.ph/water-rates/.

    A. Residential/ Institutional P 125.00
    B. Commercial/ Industrial P 250.00
    C. Commercial A P 218.75
    D. Commercial B P 187.50
    E. Commercial C P 156.25
    F. Bulk/ Wholesale P 375.00

Septage Management Program

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