Functions of Divisions

Policy Making and Direction
Overall management and supervision, Public Relations and Information,
Documentations and Recording
• Management Information Systems
– Software Development
– Computer maintenance and User support
Division management and supervision, Billing Services, Customer Accounts
Investigation and Collection
• Office Computerization
a. Billing Section
– Individual service connection data banking
b. Service Section
– Customer frontline services
• Accounts Management
a. Meter Reading Section
– Meter reading and bill distribution
b. Investigation Section
– Service connections and defective meters verification
Preliminary Engineering and Construction Monitoring and Supervision
a. Planning and Design Section
– Cost Estimates and Drafting
b. Construction Section
– Project Monitoring and Supervision
Technical management and supervision, Environmental and Water Resources
Management, Infrastructure Planning, Design and Construction
• Watershed and Wastewater Management
a. Watershed Section
– Anayan-Rumangrap, Kalinisan-Nabuntulan and Naga River
   Watershed Areas
b. Wastewater Section
– Septage collection, treatment and disposal
Division management and supervision, Water Sources Operation, Maintenance
and Potability Assurance
• Spring Sources and Pumping Stations
a. Operation Section
– Water sources operation and housekeeping
b. Maintenance Section
– Repairs, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance
• Laboratory Services
a. Water Quality Section
– Water sample collection, analysis and interpretation
b. Accredited by Department of Health to provide water quality and
     evaluation services to other establishments and agencies.
Transmission lines, distribution and water service connections
• Operation Section – Service connection and equipment management
a. Water Service Connection
-Service connections application, installation, reconnection, relocation and
  elevation, closure of abandoned connections.
b. Equipment
-Repairs, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of equipment.
• Maintenance Section – Waterline repairs and restoration
a.Transmission and Distribution Maintenance Section
– Non-Revenue Water Reduction and Restoration
b. Water Meter Maintenance Section
– Repair, testing and calibration of water meters
Departmental management and supervision
• Administrative Services
a. General Services and Procurement Section
– Security, janitorial, transportation and procurement
b. Supply and Inventory Management Section
– Warehousing, supplies and materials recordkeepin
Human Resource Management and Training Section
• Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Training and Development and Personnel Welfare
Financial Accounting and Budget & Cash Management
• Accounting Section – Financial accounting
a. Bookkeeping, processing and recordkeeping
• Budget and Cash Management Section
a. Cashiering and disbursement services
b. Budget preparation, monitoring and realignment
c. Tellering, mobile payment collection