MNWD’s 36th Year Anniversary: A moment to remember

Title: MNWD’s 36th Year Anniversary: A moment to remember

Smiling faces, eveybody is in a hurry, music playing and positive aura is felt all around the corner. WHY? It’s because December 11, 2015, marked the MNWD’s 36th year Anniversary and a Christmas party, too-an awaited celebration wherein officers and employees longed for.

This joyous day jam packed activities started with a Holy Mass as a thanksgiving and praise to the Almighty for all the bountiful blessings bestowed.

This event will complete not without the new learning’s imparted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) staff thru a seminar on “Self-Enhancement and Performance Behavior”,..“Coffee is more important than cups” meaning the quality of service is more important than the preparation.

To add more color and spice, guests were invited, Naga City Mayor John G. Bongat, Tabuco Barangay Captain Julian Lavadia, Jr., Former MNWD Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Fortunato P. Mendoza, MNWD Legal Counsel Atty. Esperidion Solano, MNWD Technical Consultant Mr. Alberto Bercasio, MNWD Board Chair Engr. Aquiles D. Lo, and Board Members Mrs. Socorro B. Felix and Mr. Jorge T. Palma join the joyous day.

Then, intense excitement followed because of the parlor games that once played during childhood years, hosted by Commercial Services Department, participated by all employees in their colorful shirts that represent their respective team. And, to complete the day, a raffle extravaganza and gifts were given.

As a way of mind setting for this event, a preliminary activity was held, the first ever MNWD’s Fun Run and tree planting sponsored by Metropolitan Naga Water District Employees Union (MNWDEU) entitled “Dalagan para sa Kadlagan” in the protected Watershed Area at Curry, Pili, Camarines Sur, held first week of December, 2015.

This once a year celebration, relationships were refreshed, bonded and even rebuilt again; a time to reassess, a time to recognize hard work and a time of sharing and giving – the essence of Christmas

To all of us, have a Merry Christmas and a motivated individual by 2016!


So Many Reasons to be Grateful For. A Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated, 9:00 a. m. of December 11, in appreciation for the Creator’s blessings to MNWD- sustainable clean water, protected watershed and magnanimous human power


Life is a Continuous Learning Process. The event will complete not with out this brain supplement given by the generous staff from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) with the title “Self-Enhancement and Job Performance Behaviour” – a necessity in the ever changing world of customer’s value and satisfaction.



Guests.. (L-R) MNWD Board of Director Member, Mrs. Socorro B. Felix, MNWD Legal Counsel, Atty. Espiridion Solano, General Manager Cesar H. Federizon, former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Fortunato P. Mendoza, Technical Consultant, Mr. Alberto T. Bercasio and now Chairman of the Board, Engr. Aquiles D.Lo.


Guests.. (L-R, seated) MNWD Board Chair Aquiles d. Lo, Naga City Mayor John G. Bongat, Tabuco Barangay Captain Julian Lavadia, Jr. Board of Directors Jeorge T. Palma and Mrs. Socorro B. Felix.

Mr. Fortunato P. Mendoza

“Continue and maintain the good brand of the district- trusted, reliable and efficient all the time and in whatever circumstances”– Mr. Fortunato P. Mendoza, Former MNWD Chairman of the Board, Dec. 11, 2015.

Hon. John G. Bongat

“Troubles, faces it with positive perspective and by working hand in hand, we will overcome…always think positive”. Hon. John G. Bongat, Naga City Mayor


GM Cesar H. Federizon

(From Top to bottom) MNWD Board of Directors Chairman, Engr. Aquiles D. Lo, MNWD Board of Director, Mr. Jorge T. Palma and MNWD General Manager, Mr. Cesar H. Federizon, giving their Christmas Message during the MNWD’s 36th Year Anniversary.

Hard work Recognized. Employees who served 10th, 15th, 20th or 35th year with outmost dedication and unwavering service to the public received the Loyalty Award and a Certificate of Award for Perfect Attendance. 25 Years in service – Nelson A. Meliton, Shirley B. Peña and Wenefredo P. Apin; 20 Years in service – Roberto V. Rosales, William N. Nuyda, Erma B. De Padua, Emmanuel E. Erisare, Russel B. Lanuzo and Matias D. Villanueva; 15 Years in service – Lualhati U. Boco, Eugene I. Curba, John G. Evangelista and Pedro L. Orobia. PERFECT ATTENDANCE 2015 from November 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015 – Maricel F. Alinarte, Maria Cyril A. Caballero, Christina B. Carmona, Cesar H. Federizon, Arturo M. Marco, Pedro L. Orobia, Ramon DLS. Perez, Ricky S. Romero and Anita DR. Saballa.



Talents Revealed. “Your Voice Sounds Familiar” Contestants impersonating Flipino artists like, Pepe Smith Aegies, Freddie Aguilar, and Ms. Imelda Papin.


Building Relationships. Parlor games played by once young employees of MNWD .

gift04 and more gifts given.