MNWD Accelerates Flagship Projects for 2019

It is a fact that water demand is increasing parallel to the growth in population and the expansion of commercial areas in Camarines Sur. Presented with the challenge, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) takes the lead in water sustainability and environmental integrity through its flagship programs: Septage Treatment Facility (STF), Bicol River Surface Water Treatment Facility, and the MNWD Institute for Water Education (IWE).

Initially introduced back in 2015, the Septage Facility Treatment aims to integrate water quality management pursuant to the provisions of the Clean Water Act for economic growth in a manner consistent with the protection, preservation, and revival of fresh, brackish, and marine waters.

Located at Sitio Caromatig, Brgy Carolina, Naga City, the STF stands in a 6.2-hectare land area downstream of the Mt. Isarog Natural Park. Early construction of facilities includes the related structures such as administrative office, Motorpool, and Access Road with the Septage Treatment Plant itself targetted for completion by 2019.

The STF project shall cover all buildings and structures, residential or commercial with service connection provided by the MNWD.

Further, another key project that MNWD is excited about is the Bicol River Surface Water Treatment Facility that will be situated at Sitio Pagdaicon, Brgy. Mabulo, Naga City and expected to double the water production capacity of MNWD.

The project will require the construction of diversion dam, preliminary treatment facilities, water treatment plant, related structures and appurtenances such as administrative building, supply office to divert or capture the percentage of the water discharge allowed by the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) coming from the Bicol River.

Likewise, reservoirs will be constructed at strategic locations to store excess water supply coming from the surface water treatment, and transmission lines will be installed to deliver the additional water supply to the MNWD consumers at the right quantity, quality, and time.

With the state of the art and highly sophisticated equipment, the facility will ensure that withdrawn water from the Bicol River is purified and undergoes several filtration, purification, and disinfection procedures before injecting it to the water transmission and distribution lines of MNWD.

The MNWD eyed the Bicol River as a potential source of potable water that will cater the future demand for water of Naga City and adjacent municipalities based on the water supply and demand projection of MNWD.

With the growing demand for water and foreseen expansion of the water district, the need for technical expertise in water management must be emphasized.

The MNWD Institute for Water Education is a proposed project that will respond to the necessity of producing experts and professionals in the water industry. In order to sustain the demand for the local water utilities, the MNWD IWE will be constructed to serve as a multi-functional structure which shall cater to the learning and development requirements of Bicol Water Districts and other clients requiring the services of the center. The IWE will address the vocation and technical education of water technicians and professionals.

These 3 flagship projects of MNWD is not only a testament of its commitment but also signify the domestic and global challenges that all water districts take into account. Water is a finite resource, unlike what most people believed it to be limitless. The success of these projects and the assurance of water sustainability can only be achieved through concerted efforts and responsible use of our water resources. (Auria S. Gonzales)


SEPTAGE TREATMENT FACILITY. Aerial view of the MNWD’s STF located at Sitio Caromatig, Brgy. Carolina, Naga City.


PERSPECTIVE. Architectural plan of the Bicol River Surface Water Treatment Facility, one of the three flagship projects of MNWD that aims to double the water production capacity of the water district.


PERSPECTIVE. The MNWD’s Institute for Water Education that will respond to the necessity of producing experts and professionals in the water industry.