MNWD Karawat 2017


On its 38th year anniversary, the Metropolitan Naga Water District opened Karawat 2017 with a festive ceremony held at the MNWD Compound on November 15, Wednesday. At exactly 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, a parade of colors along Magsaysay Avenue led by the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation Inc. majorettes and band commenced the month-long intramurals to celebrate the 38th anniversary.

The opening ceremony which was attended by more than 500 personnel, started with a lighting of torch right after the Philippine National Anthem and Opening Prayer. The raising of the flags intensified the energy of each team which led to more vibrant dance moves during the 30-minute Zumba.

Lastly, the candidates for Miss 2017 MNWD Karawat flaunted grace, beauty, and vigor as they took pride in introducing their teams.

MNWD personnel were randomly grouped into six teams and the Division Managers were assigned to organize and supervise each team. The six teams included the Red team headed by Mr. Jeremias P. Aban Jr., the Yellow team headed by Mr. Ulysses B. Follosco, the Green team headed by Mr. Roque S. Francisco, the Blue Team headed by Mr. Ricardo B. Felix III, the Violet team headed by Renato R. Dela Cruz, and the Pink team headed by Mr. Virgilio B. Luansing I.

All teams competed in relay, patintero, sipa, mind games, touch ball, skipping rope, volleyball, and basketball events every Wednesday and Friday up to December 6.

This year’s Karawat 2017 was carefully planned and organized by the committee under the stewardship of Ms. Cyril Caballero with the assistance of committee members to provide the MNWD personnel opportunities to showcase their competencies and camaraderie.

MNWD Karawat 2017 Highlights:





Touch Ball

Skipping Rope

Mind Games