Super Typhoon Rolly Hits MNWD’s Service Coverage Area Right After Quinta

Just a few days after recuperating from typhoon Quinta, Bicol Region was again hit by super typhoon Rolly, leaving several homes and commercial establishments devastated. Rolly, with the international name Goni, is considered as the strongest tropical cyclone yet of 2020.

In anticipation of Rolly’s impact, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) conducted necessary office preparations, facility inspections, and prepositioning of materials, equipment including appurtenances. This is to ensure uninterrupted water supply despite the incoming storm.

On November 1, 2020, super typhoon Rolly slammed the Bicol Region. The destruction was evidently seen, with a number of collapsed electric posts and uprooted trees causing several areas obstructed and impassable. These however, did not hinder MNWD in performance of duty of providing safe and potable water to the public within its service coverage area.

Notwithstanding the severe aftermath of Rolly’s rage, MNWD performed its post-disaster measures. Even during the onslaught of Rolly, personnel have been assigned to respond to water-related concerns 24/7 through our Communication Center (ComCen), together with our standby plumbers for immediate action on leakage and dismantled meter reports. Facilities were also checked for the safety of the employees and continuous operation. A total of 77 reports on leakage, no water supply, and dismantled meters were responded right after.

As Bicolanos, we are defined by our faith, bravery, and resilience. In valuing these qualities, the MNWD strives to continuously provide fast and suitable water within its coverage area in the face of inevitable challenges of nature. (YMMSavilla)

MNWD plumbers’ immediate response to reported leakage and dismantled water meters right after ST Rolly hit Naga City and the rest our service coverage area.